About Us

Welcome to Simply Self Sufficient!

I’m Kaya, the owner and main writer on this site.

I grew up in the suburbs, moved to the city as an adult, and realised that I missed the time I used to spend in nature as a kid.

Running around in the backyard, trying my hand at gardening, sitting under the trees on our property – this was something dear to me that I no longer had living in a tiny city apartment.

So I decided to return to somewhere with more space and more green. Slowly, I got into gardening once again, and enjoyed growing my own food. This morphed into an interest in being self-sufficient: food-wise, energy-wise and income-wise.

This blog is to share what I’ve learned along the way, to help other budding homesteaders build their dream.

My other passion is in education and teaching (I do this professionally), so I’ll explain things in the most simple, concise and useful way I can, so as not to waste your time but ensure you get the maximum value out of it.

Happy reading!

Kaya H.

Owner & Writer at Simply Self Sufficient

Where to go next?

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